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This memorial website was created to remember our precious little Daisy whose birthday was June 28, 1994 and passed away on July 01, 2011.  You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

My dear precious little sweetpea, you came to us one day, from my niece, you were 4 years old.  Her doggie had found you under a bush at a hotel, you were only a tiny kitten.  She and her mom checked with the hotel people to see if someone had lost a kitten and were told that the cleaning people had found you in a room and put you outside.  I find that very sad, but I am so happy you were found and that they gave you a good home.  I'm also happy because you eventually came to live with us.  :)

You were such a joy, you loved Daddy and I so much, for all the 13 years you were with us.  I miss you sitting on my lap with your 2 paws on the table so intently watching the screen, while I was on the computer.  You loved it when I was playing a game, sometimes you would try to catch the "arrow key" as it moved around the screen.  You always wanted my lap whenever I sat down anywhere. I remember how Molly used to come over to us and do the "head butt" with you.   I'm not sure you liked that so well, but she did.  Molly has gone to Heaven now too...  I remember our little "chats" we used to have all the time.  After you went to Heaven, our Rusty took over sitting on my lap here and it just brought back so many memories of you sweetie pie.  Now he's gone to Heaven too...  I'm so happy tho, that I agreed to take you in, and now I can't wait to see you again, my precious baby girl..  Love you and miss you always..  xoxoxoxox  =^..^=

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